Johnson Matthey’s PGM market report 2023

Johnson Matthey reviews demand and supply developments in the PGM markets in 2022 and provides an outlook for 2023. The report also includes key focus sections on automotive PGM demand, as well as ruthenium and iridium, and a special feature on understanding PGM supply, demand, recycling and availability.

Recycling and thrifting: the answer to the iridium question in electrolyser growth

Marge Ryan, Principal Strategy Analyst for PGMs (Johnson Matthey), explains why there will be sufficient supply of iridium to support our hydrogen electrolyser needs, summarising Johnson Matthey’s whitepaper on the topic.

On the sustainability and criticality of palladium in organic synthesis: two perspectives

Professor Bruce Lipshutz (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Emma Schofield, PGM Research Fellow (Johnson Matthey), offer perspectives on the short and long term future of palladium catalysis.

Platinum group metals: an enabler for hydrogen, not a barrier

In this article in Hydrogen Tech World, Marge Ryan, Principal Strategy Analyst for PGMs (Johnson Matthey) looks at the PGM landscape and explains why PGMs, in particular platinum and iridium will facilitate the development of a resilient supply chain for hydrogen.

Perspectives on current and future iridium demand and catalysts for PEM electrolysers

In this scientific paper, Mark Clapp, Catalyst Research Scientist (Johnson Matthey), investigates the future demand of the PEM water electrolysis sector and examines how different catalyst strategies can improve iridium utilisation in anode catalyst. Access to this paper requires a subscription.

Platinum: a sustainable solution for the energy transition.

Johnson Matthey's latest whitepaper explains why there will be enough platinum available to accelerate the energy transition through the growth of hydrogen fuel cells, due to natural changes in its market and existing circularity practices.