Marton Antal – The PFAS restriction’s threat to the hydrogen sector


Due to their essential and irreplaceable high-performance properties, fluoropolymers (a group of PFAS) are key to the development of the clean hydrogen sector. From fluoropolymer-based membranes in electrolysers and fuel cells over sealings and gaskets to hundreds of components in aerospace, maritime and road vehicles, fluoropolymers enable the ramp-up of the clean hydrogen industry. The proposed universal PFAS restriction endangers the development of this nascent sector, and with it Europe’s net zero ambitions, its competitiveness and the entire EU Green Deal.


European Union law and policy specialist from Hungary, Marton spent time as a consultant focussing on energy policy before taking up a role at the Commission’s DG GROW unit responsible for raw materials, energy intensive industries and hydrogen. Since March 2022 he has been working in the policy team of Hydrogen Europe, focussing on industrial and sustainability topics, not least on the looming PFAS restriction.