Isobel Sheldon – Debate: critical minerals in batteries vs fuel cells




Isobel Sheldon is a 20 year veteran of the Lithium Ion battery industry, and was awarded an OBE (2020) from HM the Queen for long service to EV batteries and their development. Isobel has been involved with multiple world firsts:

  • Worlds first commercially available PHEV (2004)
  • Highest power density battery in automotive on two occasion’s (Infiniti e-merge and McLaren P1)
  • Worlds first 12 meter EV bus battery

Isobel has hed multiple Senior Director positions in battery development, including: Engineering and Technology Director, Johnson Matthey Battery systems; Engineering and Technology Director, Cummins Electrified Power; Development Director, UK Battery Industrialisation Centre; Global battery specialist, Ricardo Plc Hybrid; and Electric Division. She has 10 years experience in running her own start up business in battery system development.

Isobel is on the Board of trustees for the The Faraday Institution, is Chair of funding for Faraday Institution review panels for UK academic research (battery research), and advisory board member for the UK National Physical Laboratory on LCA metrology and a UK Automotive Council working group member, that established the need for battery eco-systems in 2016.